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Get used to it

This is in response to Mr. and Mrs. Kannard’s ridiculous article regarding the “traffic jam” on the Rio Grande.

The Rio Grande, I am sure, was built and is maintained by the taxpayers’ dollars, not only those people fortunate enough to live on the Rio Grande but the residents who live at the North Forty, AABC and those that will be living in the Burlingame development. Restricting travel on the Rio Grande is as absurd as trying to restrict traffic on Owl Creek.

My guess is, with the improvements being made on Cemetery Lane, it will entice more people to link the bike path on Highway 82 to the Rio Grande. Since the completion of the bike path between Snowmass and Highway 82, I have noticed more bike commuters. Bravo to anyone who is finding alternative transportation into and out of Aspen.

To the Kannards and those like them, I say “Get used to it.” As the bike commuting population continues to grow, perhaps the solution is to four-lane it!

The city should maintain it better in the winter so that the bikers can commute year-round. Reallocate the money wasted on cleaning the streets to maintaining the paths.

Anna Cabral

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