Get the health care you and your family need |

Get the health care you and your family need

Dear Editor:

I am writing to encourage your readers to support 5A and 5B, the bond initiatives to improve the physical environment at Aspen Valley Hospital.

As a critical care nurse, with over 20 years of experience in health care and responsibility for inpatient nursing at Aspen Valley Hospital, I feel compelled to ask the community for their support on these important initiatives.

An outdoor enthusiast and parent of an active kid, I understand it is not a matter of if I will need the services of Aspen Valley Hospital, but when. I imagine the same is true for many of you. Today if you need inpatient nursing care you will be cared for by a highly skilled, committed and professional group of nurses, physicians and allied health professionals. You will get great care, but it will be in a facility that is woefully inadequate to provide the kind of patient and family centered care we want to give you. We have semi-private rooms that make it a challenge to respect your privacy and give you the healing environment we know you want. Imagine waking up in room in which we have placed a stranger or worse, your neighbor. At the end of your stay, or theirs, they may know as much about your health and plan of care as you do.

Our intensive care unit is here to meet the needs of patients and their families who are likely experiencing one of the most stressful events in their life. The current space was not designed to house an intensive care unit. The rooms are less than half of the space required by today’s standards. Accommodating staff, equipment, patients and their families is a challenge. We value family presence, but have to balance that with meeting the needs of the patient. A new unit will allow us adequate space to provide expert care to our patients, while accommodating families. It will also provide an environment that is quieter, calming and more conducive to healing.

Aspen Valley Hospital is your district hospital. It is here to ensure you get the care you need, in your community, when you need it. Your support of 5A and 5B is critical to ensuring we continue to provide the expert care you want for yourself and your family members. Vote “yes” on 5A and 5B.

Joseph Dunn


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