Get the facts straight |

Get the facts straight

We have all heard that we can’t believe everything that is in print. This was proven true when I read Gary Hubbell’s Feb. 6 column. Numerous errors are contained in his article.

– Public bathrooms do exist in Marble. They are located at Beaver Lake. There is also a portable toilet at the Mill Site Park.

– A legal binding agreement does exist between the Marble Charter School (MCS) and the Marble Historical Society (MHS). The Gunnison Watershed School District wrote a letter, dated Jan. 7, 2004, to the MHS vice president and the MHS board stating that there is a signed lease and a signed addendum that run through Oct. 1, 2050. The letter states “it is our belief that the lease is very explicit and forthright and presently the Gunnison Watershed School District supports the original lease.” That letter was signed by the interim superintendent, the business manager, and the school board president of Gunnison County.

– The town of Marble was presented with a “wish list” regarding the Tomb of the Unknowns Project. No formal proposal was ever made. Merely because someone proposes commercial activity does not mean it is an acceptable idea to those who live in the community or one that must be accepted by the town.

– The town did not violate the Open Meetings Law of Colorado. The Town Council meeting was posted and the Mill Site Park was on the agenda. Nothing was done in secret. Members of the public were present at the meeting. Mr. Hubbell and others consciously chose not to attend that public meeting.

– The Marble Community Church (MCC) was not in danger of crumbling to the ground. It was not one person’s idea to renovate the church and that one person did not single-handedly raise all the money for the renovation. A grant was obtained from the Colorado Historical Society for over $197,000. The individual referred to may have given money to the church, but certainly not the amount Mr. Hubbell stated.

– The pastor of the MCC did not kick the board member off the church board. Neither Mr. Hubbell nor the board member was at the congregational meeting. The members of MCC voted that morning to remove the board member from the church board. They did not want him representing them.

– The Marble Tourism Association involves tax receipts. What is done with that tax money, i.e. public funds, can be any taxpayer’s concern. Certainly anyone can comment on the use of those funds.

I would think it advisable for Mr. Hubbell to have the correct information before printing statements concerning matters he does not fully understand or have knowledge of. How can we give credence to anything he writes? The issues are simple. Why does Mr. Hubbell live in Marble? Why doesn’t he move somewhere else?

Joan Flora


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