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Get the facts right

We know Sue Gray hates America, hates our military and hates our great president. She is welcome to her opinion.

However, she is not welcome to her own set of facts, and in her recent, ludicrous and offensive comparison of President Bush to Adolph Hitler, she got all of her facts completely wrong (Aspen Daily News, June 2).

Hitler never had a military agreement with Great Britain as Ms. Gray writes. He did have a non-aggression pact with Stalin and the Soviet Union (1939), which he, of course, violated when he invaded Russia in 1941.

Ms. Gray’s letter contains several more misleading statements, and more incorrect “facts”: The Reichstag fire was in 1933. Hitler was never president of anything. He was named Chancellor of Germany in 1933 by Paul von Hindenburg, who was then president of the German Republic.

Austria was not absorbed until 1938, five years after the Reichstag fire, and the fire was used as an excuse for Hitler to grab power and do away with the remaining German democratic institutions. Austria, by the way, was occupied and absorbed (the Anschluss) by Hitler without firing a shot.

He then dissolved the Austrian government and Austria ceased to exist as an independent state. That seems hardly analogous to the American liberation of Iraq.

In fact, England, France and the Soviet Union stood by and did nothing as this occurred, when they could have easily prevented it, and laid the foundation for the second World War. Our president defied France and Russia and liberated Iraq from a horrific dictator, thus avoiding a larger conflict in the Middle East and ridding the region of a ruthless despot.

Again, check your history Ms. Gray; the Reichstag fire was obviously not a predicate for the invasion of Austria, which came many years later. The fire was used by Hitler to dissolve the Parliament and seize power as Fuehrer.

Hitler was now in complete control of all the government and military institutions in Germany. Not unlike, if you are looking for a good analogy Ms. Gray, the evil and ruthless dictator Saddam Hussein.

It was Hussein who was the real power behind the ailing Iraqi President Ahmed Hassan Bakr in the 1970s. Just as Chancellor Hitler was the real power behind the ailing President Paul von Hindenburg in the 1930s.

Both were ruthless, both killed to achieve power, both dissolved their respective nations’ democratic institutions, both did anything to stay in power, and both had to be defeated by American and Allied military might to bring democracy to their nations. There is your analogy Ms. Gray.

Adolph Hitler killed millions of people, invaded several sovereign nations and occupied them, and started World War II. All our president has done is liberate the people of Iraq (and Afghanistan), made our country safer by fighting terrorism throughout the world, finally gotten the Israeli-Palestinian peace process back on track, and worked to spread freedom and democracy throughout the world.

I don’t see the parallels, but perhaps Ms. Gray will try again.

Anthony F. Hershey