Get rid of the S-curves! |

Get rid of the S-curves!

Dear Editor:I find it admirable and I support the Aspen City Council’s aggressive “approval to form the groundbreaking alliance to address the problem of global warming internationally and locally” as quoted in Thursday’s Denver Post. They call it the Canary Initiative. An interesting name. I can see the high-powered Aspen Institute working on the international solutions, but who will work on the local solutions? I particularly love Mayor Klanderud’s words, “It takes the steps at home before you can take bigger steps.” Unfortunately, Aspen can’t seem to take the steps when they missed the best opportunity to take a giant leap in reducing global warming locally. Ah yes, the “S” curve.Have you ever seen Aspen smog? Well it is caused in large part by hundreds of cars sitting and idling in queue twice a day for as long as 20 to 30 minutes to leave and enter town. Ah yes, the “S” curve. Have you ever gone home and been in the leave queue backed up from Aspen Street to the Castle Creek Bridge? Or maybe you’re coming to work and you get into the enter queue that is backed up to from the airport to 7th Street? This is 40 to 60 minutes more that hundreds of cars are spewing out greenhouse gases. Get rid of the “S” curve!I know this will impact some property owners and alter some precious open space. Some will lose and some will win. So how important is locally to strike a blow to global warming? Is defeating the “straight shot” just another case of NIMBYism? And is the Canary Initiative going to be just another plan to put on the proverbial shelf with all the other good intentions of our elected, corporate and non-profit officials?You don’t need to be a “canary” to see the Los Angeles-style smog right here in beautiful Aspen. Maybe our elected officials like to think of the public as birdbrains, Hence the cute name, Canary Initiative. Just get rid of the “S” curve!Jay “JBird” LeavittCarbondale

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