Get rid of the CSAPs |

Get rid of the CSAPs

The Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) is not an accurate or useful tool to judge students, teachers or schools around the state. We should not have the CSAP tests.

First of all, CSAP tests are cutting down on teachers’ instruction time. In the seventh grade at Aspen Middle School, class times are cut almost in half during the two weeks of CSAPs.

Second, the tests produce a lot of stress and mostly judge how well kids take tests and handle the pressure. Some kids get really nervous right before a test and, therefore, do not do their best on the test.

Also, schools are cutting back on other, less stressful classroom assessment tests because of the CSAPs. The classroom tests are more useful because the students can focus on exactly what the teachers have taught them and not a variety of old and new information.

Lastly, sometimes a teacher teaches in a different order than the CSAP test. Therefore, students may not have learned the information yet. Since the beginning of CSAPs several years ago, many problems have surfaced.

The CSAPs need to be reduced or replaced by another method of evaluating schools, teachers and students.

Noah Hoffman, student


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