Get rid of Rall |

Get rid of Rall

Dear Editor: I am writing out of sheer disgust for Ted Rall. There is anti-administration, and then anti-American. Rall falls firmly in the latter. His articles constantly lash out at veterans, patriots and fallen soldiers. His latest sympathizes with the Iraqi resistance. While he by all means is entitled to disagree with the war, it is appalling for him to disrespect our military who sacrifice so much for our well-being. He seems to hate this country so much, yet hides behind his right of free speech, all the while offending myself and countless other Americans. I think the man is cowardly and an insult to America. How must the relatives and loved ones of these men and women serving in the military feel when they read his article? So I ask how in good conscience, not to mention good taste can you continually publish Ted Rall? I can’t imagine how his ranting could be perceived as entertaining. On Dec. 7, I was outraged to find him discrediting our fallen soldiers dating clear back to World War II, only to open the paper on Dec. 14 and see him writing on behalf of an al-Qaida operative who had been killed fighting American troops. I think Ted Rall soils your publication and would love to see his “Gen-X-Rated” removed. I don’t think I’m alone in my thinking. Thank You and God bless America.Lucas CoryellRifle