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Get rid of harmful energies

Clara Smith
Apples of Gold
Electromagnetic Toxin Clearing

The letter on Jan. 6 suggested radiating beef to kill mad cow disease and as standard practice to protect the public. Denver EPA confirms the radiation presently used on food hits it somewhat like wind blows a leaf.

Locally, nationally and internationally, I have electromagnetically found three kinds of highly absorbable high-energy, harmful Beta radiation in humans, animals, water, snow, supplements and foods of all kinds, including organically grown.

The Denver EPA purports “water testing falls within the regulations of maximum contaminant levels.” Their caveat is “there has been no testing proving humans can safely tolerate the maximum contaminant levels.”

Public protection can only go so far, one must be personally responsible. In my opinion, acid reflux disease is accumulative wrong combination eating of dead, hollow, polluted foods and fluids by seriously electromagnetically oppressed humans.

Many humans are half-healthy or ill in dehydrated, malnourished and, in many cases, obese states, while being electromagnetically toxic with such things as trihalomethane, harmful radiations, mag-chloride, herbi-pesti-insecticides, parasites, bacteria, fungus, virus, metallics, emissions, vaccine toxins, drugs of the OTC, Rx, and recreational varieties, anesthesia, solvents, chemicals, harmful spiritual toxins, and I could go on and on.

Our sustenance absolutely does not need more harmful radiation for already overwhelmed human energy systems to deal with! Fortunately, there are fairly simple effective steps that each of us can do to clear food and drink of harmful energies for safer, more flavorful, more beneficial consumption, leading to more than a half-healthy existence.