Get ready for Ruggerfest |

Get ready for Ruggerfest

Dear Editor:The overlooking the many towns and countryside, Aspen is the community, the citizens, that inhabits a place, the city center and cultivated land. The Polis makes the existence of face-to-face community. The Greeks remained strong to these small, separate communities. It is the intimacy of community life that makes possible the accomplishments of the age. Men produce their best work in a setting of vibrant and vigorous community.The Polis is an extended version of the family household, whose defining feature is autonomy. The community is self-sufficient. The Greeks came together only in times of war or competition. Their primary allegiance lay with the Polis. The citizens are part of various religious brotherhoods, intersecting with overlapping civic groups. Members of the Polis therefore have multiple identities, each reinforcing his place within the social fabric of the community.When we players and coaches pilrimage and converge up the mountain to this year’s 40th Annual Aspen Ruggerfest, Aspen is Rugby-opolis.Sean ReifNorthglenn, Colo.


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