Get politics out of government |

Get politics out of government

Assert your independence with a vote for Bower.

Although some of us may have party affiliations, when it comes down to it, we are all independent voters. Why? Because this is America, and when we step into the voting booth no one comes in there with us but our conscience.

So far in this election, you have had all kinds of folks and entities trying to tell you who to vote for, but ultimately it is your choice. I chose to run as an Independent/Unaffiliated candidate for Eagle County commissioner because I believe that we deserve more of a choice in leadership and because we need to weed out the influence of big money and special interests.

In short, we need to get the politics out of government! Less than 4 percent of our population participated in the primaries this year. That is just not enough participation to bring you a quality candidate.

When I announced my candidacy, I gave you a 5-point platform to let you know exactly what I had envisioned for Eagle County. This includes the following:

1. Promote responsible, managed growth.

2. Create truly affordable housing for those of us who work here.

3. Manage our valuable resources such as water, forests and open space.

4. Work to diversify and develop our economy.

5. Make community safety issues a priority. Eagle County is one of the most attractive places to live in this country, but it will not remain that way unless we work together.

And please understand your vote does make a difference. Help get politics out of government and assert your independence.

Help elect Eagle County’s second female in 100 years and first Independent county commissioner ever by casting your vote for Bower on Nov. 5.

Laurie Bower, candidate

Eagle County Commissioner

District 3

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