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Get over it

Dear Editor:We are writing in response to your editorial of Nov. 5 regarding the Rev. Michael O’Brien. We wish to take issue with you on several points.1) Timing: You state “it appears” the timing of Rev. O’Brien’s remarks were politically motivated. We attended the Oct. 23 evening mass where he was very careful to point out at the very outset that he was broaching the subject only in response to either an article or letter to the editor (can’t recall which) that had just appeared in The Aspen Times. Hence, you set the timing, not Rev. O’Brien.2) Message: Christian beliefs on matters of morality have been around for roughly 2000 years and form, in many cases, the basis for our laws. Today, individuals and organizations (often called liberals) are seeking to change those beliefs and make their view law. But by venturing into the church’s domain, they are the first to have violated the principle which they claim to hold so dear, namely the separation of church and state. That being the case, under free speech, the church has every right to state it’s position – even from the pulpit. After all, you have not been shy about using your pulpit (The Aspen Times) to “advise” people.3) Captives: You indicate the reverend has a captive audience. No one is a captive of any church. If you don’t agree with a particular faith or stand taken by a church, you are free to leave or vote with your donations. (Remember the Presbyterians and Angela Davis). That is what is great about America. Now about “captives” – we here in Aspen are much more captive to you and to the other local papers’ far-left harangues.4) Abuse of Power: You state Rev. O’Brien “arguably abused his power.” Obviously, you give the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson a pass on their use of religious power. Seems to us, your indignity depends on whose ox is getting gored.Finally, why would you print such an editorial on Nov. 5 when the election was over on Nov. 3? Mr. Kerry lost for a number of reasons, all of which had nothing to do with Rev. O’Brien. Our guess is you just could not control your anger. As ex-President Clinton has already said, “Get over it!”Maureen and Ken PetkeSnowmass Village

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