Get over it, Mick |

Get over it, Mick

According to Mick Ireland’s letter of Nov. 8, in the Aspen Daily News, Karl Rove, apparently a major bug up Mick’s butt, “[has] a plan to protect Western Slope Republicans from contested elections.” Thereby taking over Mick’s own Western Slope.

” Karl Rove is a power hungry maniac … major factor in stealing the last presidential election … designed ‘push polls’ to discredit John McCain … has a sinecure carved out for [Bob Beauprez] … by excluding Hispanics, moderates and Democrats.”

Has Mick Ireland forgotten the “contested election” of November 2000 when the Democrats poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into Tom Strickland’s campaign for senator, and by association, Denis Berckfeldt and Rick Davis in the Roaring Fork Valley and Colorado where, in spite of all that money, their candidates were soundly and severely “whupped” by Senator Wayne Allard, Rep. Scott McInnis (3rd Dist.), and State Rep. Gregg Rippy (61st Dist.), let alone Secretary of State Donetta Davidson, Gov./Lt. Gov. Bill Owens/Jane Norton, State Treasurer Mike Coffman and State Sen. (Dist. 5) Lewis Entz?

Is Mick still so seriously emotionally affected by that overwhelming defeat (he was a major supporter of Tom Strickland and was even rumored to have had his bags packed to move to Washington, D.C., when Tom won!) that he has to pick on Tony Hershey and Karl Rove for solace? And he claims “the Republican lust for power”?

Mick, get over it! George W. Bush has been president for three years, Tom Strickland was decisively defeated by Sen. Wayne Allard ” twice ” and the Western Slope is still here, and you are still a Pitkin County commissioner!

Getting back to Tony Hershey’s column where Mick Ireland claims Tony questions Pitkin County’s “expending resources opposing Karl Rove’s plan.” In his whole column he never even mentions Mick Ireland’s nemesis and figment of imagination, the dastardly KARL ROVE!

I am the one who originally questioned why Christopher Seldin was representing Pitkin County, in the state attorney general’s lawsuit regarding redistricting. I happened to read the one-line-throwaway reference in Jim Spencer’s column in The Denver Post of Sept. 9, and asked the county clerk’s office for a copy of the minutes of the meeting in which this was discussed and approved.

All I wanted to know was who proposed the motion? How the BOCC voted? Why? How much we are expending ” based on the press reports of hundreds of thousands of dollars it was costing the state?

I was met by a stone wall ” told it was discussed in executive committee and that I therefore had no right to see the minutes. I was referred to Assistant County Attorney Christopher Seldin, who confirmed the above. Tony Hershey was at that meeting. Chris gave us a couple of pages of briefs, etc., but not answers to my questions. Attorney/client privilege ” case closed.

The fact that commissioners Mick Ireland and Dorothea Farris attended the hearing in Denver was admitted, but no further information was given. I still have no answer. As a Pitkin County taxpayer, resident and voter, don’t I deserve this information? Apparently not!

So you see, Mick, from a simple acorn question, a giant KARL ROVIAN OAK TREE CONSPIRACY flourishes.

As a postscript. What a “come-down” for you ” to quote A. Franken’s diatribe as “There are books on this subject” shows that you will never get over Tom Strickland’s massive 68 percent defeat. I am sorry.

Peter Nicklin


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