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Get out of the mainstream

Dear Editor:Having just returned from Europe and Africa, I am amazed at the American news media and their coverage of the world. It is incomplete, biased and truly nationalistic. Don’t you wish we had other sources of news than Fox, CNN, CBS etc.? Don’t you wish we had responsible journalism of the Edward R. Morrow school? Don’t you wish we could just find the truth about our country and the world from our press?This week I happened to be up early and watched my favorite channel and news broadcast, Democracy Now. Twice this week I have been amazed by the programming of the news hour on FSTV, LinkTV and GrassRoots TV. Early in the week Amy Goodman spent an hour with Harry Belafonte and found him to be the real spokesman for my needs. His brilliant examination of Bush, Iraq, civil rights and African affairs prompted me to order the DVD of that broadcast. This morning I found that Amy Goodman and her crew were in Qatar examining the structure and purpose of Al Jazeera TV. Revelations that we will not find from CNN or MSNBC.I am personally offended at the bent and bias of American television. We can take back this country by be being better informed. My suggestion is to put Democracy Now on your list. You can also find it on KDNK with the audio version, and I would challenge our local NPR outlet KAJX to do the same, put it on audio programming. We live in a country that prides itself on freedom and freedom of the press began and was nurtured by Americans early in our history. It is time to take back our country by being better informed on all the issues, and we cannot do it with our current press who seem to be bought up much like our politicians. But we do have some choices with the alternative media. Check them out – we are blessed with possibilities if we will just move our fingers on the clicker to more channels that actually have some real news, not the censored variety that all our mainstream media produce. Our country deserves nothing less.Andy HansonAspen Highlands