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Get out of Afghanistan

Dear Editor:

We need to support our troops and bring them home now while they still have their arms and legs – and not return them to us in a coffin. To date in Afghanistan: 1,200 military killed, more than 4,000 wounded and many disabled for life.

Bush, Obama and their misguided military generals admittedly do not know what they are doing in Afghanistan. One day they want to increase the troop level. The next day they want to withdraw the troops.

All who have tried to control Afghanistan have failed. Genghis Khan was defeated in Afghanistan. Britain, Russia and many less noted were defeated in Afghanistan.

There were eight Christian Crusades to the Holy Land. The first was in 1025; all eight ended in defeat. Some occupied the Muslim areas for a short period of time with alliances between some of the Christian and Muslim leaders, and then the Muslims would turn on the Christians and either kill them or drive them out. Many of the Crusaders fled in panic when the Muslims decided they had had enough of their presence in their area.

We have not won a single war since World War II, 65 years ago.

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Here are some stark differences in our thinking today and our thinking during World War II: In Iraq and Afghanistan, we are and have jailed our own soldiers for shooting civilians. Some of the shootings were unwarranted, but if you have to walk around wondering who you can shoot and who you can’t in a war area, where all the Afghan people look alike, you are in trouble and you shouldn’t be there.

Here’s the difference in our thinking when we were winning wars: I was a young boy in Catholic school during the Second World War. Each morning, six days a week, we attended church for one hour. All the Catholic schools in those days had all nuns; there were no lay teachers. You did not dare come late for church. To this day, I am still on time for meetings, etc., because of that upbringing.

After church, we would go to our classroom and pray for many things, including America having a victory in World War II. Then we would sing war songs in support of our troops. Some were very derogatory against our enemies at the time – Japan, Germany and Italy. Out Catholic nuns sang with us and encouraged us to hate the enemy and want to see them defeated. When we would get news of hundreds of thousands of enemy civilians killed in one massive bombing of an enemy city, we would all happily cheer. And why did we want to see the Japanese, German and Italian civilians killed? Because we were truthfully told they were producing the goods and materials that the enemy soldiers were using against us. We wanted to see their cities and factories destroyed along with the civilians in them.

Our B-17 bombers literally wiped out most of the German cities, killing the civilians. Half of the pilots and crews, some 45,000, never returned from the bombing missions. In Japan, when we dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 60,000 people died, and 40,000 died from the Nagasaki bomb. At that time in all of America, you could not find one single person who disagreed with bombing the cities or dropping the bomb on Japan.

Today, you get opinions from people who think we should have not used that bomb. They simply were not there at the time and have no idea what they’re talking about. Remember, the only war we won in 65 years was World War II.

We should get our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their supposedly helpful governments will turn on us.

If a country attacks us or if they are harboring Taliban or other terrorists, then we should attack and destroy the entire enemy country. Hopefully, our enemies would get a message and we would not have to do that. But, if we have to, we should go after the enemy country wholeheartedly and completely, and not play hide-and-seek by chasing shadowy figures in the mountains.

Tom Daly


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