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Get on board with Getty

Thank you illustrious Aspenite Don Dixon for your letter of reflections, Everyones a critic (Aspen Times, March 3), on my television program, Caviar & Class, which discussed Aspen Art Star Patricia Bukur whose Aspen March 13 art showing is knocking at your door even if you are a beginner as an art connoisseur. I am sure you and your respectable Aspen following will fork out the cash money for Ms. Bukurs artwork if you have the merit of good taste, strong appreciation and good future investment risk sense.I am sure I can speak for Ms. Bukur when I declare the both of us are truly delighted Mr. Dixon watched Caviar & Class several times to boost his art edification to a new higher apex amongst his Aspen peers.Mr. Dixon expresses his temporal critics choice without knowing that J. Paul Getty wrote a book called The Collectors Choice. To further reassure Mr. Dixon I can flex my muscles in the art world, even among art historians, if providence wills it, then my attendance reservation will be used at the Getty Research Institute March 29-30 conference entitled Beauty and Truth for Sale: The Art of the Dealer. In conjunction with its 2003-2004 research theme Markets and Value, the Getty Research Institute hosts an international conference focusing on the role of the dealer in the art market. Over 30 inivited participants, including renowned scholars, antiquarians, gallery owners, and conservators examine the dealers changing role in the evaluation, migration, and promotion of works of art.(Getty Research Institute Conference Statement)Already I am prepared for this Getty conference because I studied the subject years ago as I advanced myself in the Getty intellectual milieu. I dont need to brush on the topic for even various parts of The Getty Center on March 10 at noon will watch the Caviar & Class episode entitled Aspen Art Star about Patricia Bukur that Mr. Dixon diligently watched several times as a member of the idle rich class.Mr. Dixon, did you know that there is The Getty Underground? It is a gigantic producer of all kinds of artwork that few know about until now. It really exists. An art treasury to exploit for huge money gains.So Mr. Dixon and friends, buy a piece of art from Ms. Bukur to be on the right path for the Gettyesque 21st Century Collectors Choice. We are in the Second Getty Century. Can you afford it?Finally, I wonder did Aspen Daily News editor Rick Carroll ever give Mr. Dixon the thank you card I left at his newspaper office during the wicked beastly priest eruption incident last year? Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen