Get off your Victorian high-horse |

Get off your Victorian high-horse

Dear Editor:

I never cease to wonder why people like Mr. Glenn Beaton assume one resides downvalley when one writes about disturbing traffic issues in Aspen.

For your edification, Mr. Beaton, I have lived in the town of Aspen (yes on the eastern side of the roundabout) for the past 32 years. I, too, purchased my tiny bit of heaven but mine consists of a small 800-square-foot condo. Probably a smaller carbon footprint than your Victorian on the West End. I, too, pay dearly for my property taxes, just like you, Mr. Beaton.

Suffice it to say that I was fortunate to be able to purchase a place in Aspen and this affords me the ability to walk or bike everywhere. Therefore, I am not one of those affected by the incessant, ridiculous traffic rules this town creates. When I do drive past the roundabout, in my 1997 Honda Civic, I never do it during weekdays and especially not during rush hour! So, I have to disappoint you, Mr. Beaton: I do not live in a large suburban home downvalley and I am not a tobacco-chewing big SUV driver, as you accused me of being in your July 5, 2010, letter to the editor.

Throughout my years of residence, I have, however, witnessed the many changes in traffic patterns and the lame decisions made by the powers that be, including the 20-year construction of a four-lane highway, which was immediately reduced to a two-lane highway by the underutilized bus and HOV lanes. I don’t know when you purchased your historic residence, but I am certain there were cars driving on that street at that time. As a matter of fact, cars have been taking Power Plant Road for many years, so traffic on the West End of town should not surprise you, and you should have been made aware of its existence at the time of purchase. In addition, the reason there are so many large pickup trucks speeding around your neighborhood might be the demand that second-home owners have for maintenance, remodeling, catering, gardening, cleaning, security, etc.

Mr. Beaton, people do not live out of town by choice; they have to commute on a daily basis because the prices in Aspen have driven out the local population of workers who service the empty second homes scattered around town. If the traffic is making you leave your porch and go inside, then I suggest you purchase a home in a gated community, such as Starwood, where you can better control the maintenance, gardening and catering vehicles entering your streets. I bet you were really upset by the number of vehicles parked along the entire West End on July 4, but then again, as far as I know, the streets are still public.

Catherine Cross


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