Gerson, Sarpa and Jellineck |

Gerson, Sarpa and Jellineck

I am sorry Dr. E. Willsky decided to drop out of the race for Aspen Valley Hospital Board of Directors. I worked with Dr. Willsky for five years before I retired and I strongly believe he would have been a very good asset for the new board.

Although the patient care remains superb at AVH, there are gray areas in need of attention and definite improvement. The aloofness and “I know better” attitude of the present direction are not conducive to better staff morale and patient willingness to put up with inflexible scheduling, endless answering machines and atrocious billing systems.

It appears that Mrs. Elaine Gerson, Mr. John Sarpa and Mr. John Jellineck are fully qualified to offer expertise, solutions and open mindedness to the chronic old problems that ail AVH.

Luda C. Gelas

Retired AVH anesthetist


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