Gems hike this Tuesday |

Gems hike this Tuesday

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, Aug. 24, Melanie Finan and Collin Stewart will be leading the 3rd annual Hidden Gems moonlight hike to Hay Park. The hike will begin at dusk with the aim of reaching the first meadow on the route to witness the full moon rise. This hike is a great opportunity to experience the serenity and wild beauty that can be found in the areas proposed as wilderness by the Hidden Gems.

The route will be slightly different than the standard Hay Park/ Thomas Lakes trail; it starts directly from Dinkle Lake and winds up lush aspen groves and meadows before joining with the usual trail. We will descend in the moonlight and watch for the bats and other critters that only come out at night. To sign up go to and click on hikes.

Ready your wolf howl, slow your shudder speed, and join us on the trail!

Collin Stewart and Melanie Finan


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