Gems’ cause is righteous |

Gems’ cause is righteous

Dear Editor:

Monday’s letter to the editor, “Gems campaign is deceitful,” was a great testament to our right to free speech. However, the claims made therein were false!

One only need go to the Hidden Gems website,, to find that the intent to protect our National Forest is based on a wide range of measures, from wildlife protection and habitat integrity, maintaining roadless areas, promoting ecosystem diversity and watershed protections to preventing unwanted roads from logging and mining.

The Hidden Gems proposal is being put forward by a coalition of groups. The Hidden Gems website has numerous tabs where one can examine the rationale for Wilderness protection instead of less-protective non-Wilderness protections, such as NRAs and NCAs. Please, check it out! They are upfront about these other measures, which give credence to the rationale for wilderness protection of the 40 areas known as the Hidden Gems.

The Hidden Gems proposal is supported by more than 10,000 Coloradoans, and endorsed by more than 100 organizations. I would call this very broad support, not narrow … and words like deceitful, dishonesty and untruthful are the antithesis of the Wilderness Workshop.

Please add your name to the Hidden Gems proposal as I have done.

Craig Ward