Gay Ski Week appreciated

I noticed a letter the other day in the paper from a couple in Carbondale bemoaning that no one responded to the homophobic letter of the week before criticizing Aspen for hosting Gay Ski Week.

By way of reassuring the writers, many of us were tempted to respond and decided not to on the basis that it’s not necessary to react to every little thing that offends us. Freedom of speech for all, including those with different views from our own.

Yes, Aspen needs and appreciates all the business that Gay Week brings. What’s so wrong about that? I personally benefit from Gay Week as a massage therapist, and, for the record, they are one of the nicest, most generous groups of the ski season.

Of course it alarms me when I question what other groups this person feels are not worthy enough to enjoy this little corner of paradise.

Thank you Gay Week for choosing Aspen, taking me beyond my prejudices, and I look forward to seeing you next year.

Richard Harris