Gas price gripe |

Gas price gripe

Dear Editor:Hello, why are the gas prices so high? Why is it that every gas station has prices over $3? Well, a great friend of my sister-in-law, her name is Courtney Fiscus, said, “When I was growing up during 1970 it was only $.98 a gallon.” How did it get to be more than $3 a gallon, was it the president’s fault? Who knows, but it has got to stop!What is it, just a competition just to see who gets the most money for gas? If it is, well that is stupid! Here is an idea, how about we all tell everyone to stop buying gas, only fill up one day and walk when low on gas, ride bikes or take the bus! Just don’t buy gas for one whole week. It is not that hard if everyone doesn’t use gas/buy gas for one week, and I bet the gas prices will go down.Come on, lower the gas prices – I need to get to school!Stephanie Kisowage 12Carbondale Community School

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