Gary Hubbell: The Redneck Tree Hugger |

Gary Hubbell: The Redneck Tree Hugger

Gary Hubbell
Aspen Times Weekly

My wife was on her way to the post office this morning with a stack of bills to be mailed, and she waved one for $41.86 at me. It was for a two-year renewal of my subscription to Newsweek. “Do you want to renew this?” she said. “Not on your life,” I laughed.

Newsweek’s cover photo of Sarah Palin in workout gear was the last straw. After featuring stories in the last few months suggesting that your baby is born racist; Obama isn’t going far enough in his leftist agenda; cap-and-trade is a good idea; it doesn’t matter if Iran gets nuclear weapons; and anything negative about universal health care coverage is all lies, lies, lies – well, I am not going to pay for that.

Newsweek was so willing to take any shot to marginalize Sarah Palin, to get their digs in any way they could, that they lowered their reputation even further than it already was in a tawdry effort to demean her. Any shred of journalistic integrity at the magazine is now squandered, but Newsweek apparently thought it was worth it.

It’s kind of like the guy whose wife has cleaned him out in divorce court, and he takes a gun and shoots her and the lawyer, knowing he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison, feeling redeemed.

Liberals hate – HATE – Sarah Palin, and they’re willing to make fools out of themselves to press the point. Liberals hate Sarah Palin even worse than the “angry white men” I wrote about in February 2008 hate Hillary Clinton. When you press a liberal and ask them what they hate so much about Sarah Palin, they sputter and have to keep from swallowing their tongues. “She’s so STUPID,” they froth, “and she … she … is so ANNOYING. And she barely got out of COLLEGE. And she’s PRO-LIFE! And SHE HUNTS! SHE KILLS THINGS! And her husband RACES SNOWMOBILES!”

And if the point is not proven, the liberal will stand with a Birkenstock on your neck, spraying spittle, screaming unintelligible things at you.

Now, I told you how “angry white men” hated Hillary Clinton. It was her policies, mostly, combined with a supercilious attitude that garnered her undying enmity from men all over America. Her failed effort to push through national health care came across as overstepping the bounds of personal freedom and certainly her authority, because no one elected her president when Bill was in office, and certainly not when she ran herself. I think a lot of it had to do with her voice as well, because I can hear only three or four words from her before I’m running to the remote to shut off the source of pain.

Liberals love to point out that Palin is terrifically underqualified to govern, that she is a lousy politician, that she is a “loose cannon” and wasn’t properly vetted by McCain’s campaign. In the same breath, they’ll give a blank look when you ask about Obama’s hiring spree, whereby he hired an avowed Marxist such as Van Jones to work in the White House, and all kinds of wacky background information is starting to emerge on Obama’s staffers. This, from a guy who voted “present” in his two years in the Senate (hey, when life starts as an affirmative action scholarship to Columbia, 90 percent of life is just showing up); still can’t define what he did in his career as a “community activist”; who refuses to release his college transcripts; has apologized to the whole world for … what, being America; and who has racked up a $10 trillion deficit in one short year.

After all, Palin did leave her state with its books in the black; she led the Alaska National Guard, a unit operating in very difficult conditions less than 100 miles from Siberia; she authored a strong energy policy emphasizing domestic energy production and independence from oil- and terrorist-producing countries; and she demonstrated a commitment to family values and personal morality while holding down a very demanding job. To top it all off, she’s good-looking. Now THAT cannot be tolerated by your average liberal!

Look, I’m not suggesting that Palin is an intellectual heavyweight. I’m not saying her speech patterns and mannerisms are endearing to me. I’m also not wowed by her good looks. I’ll also agree that Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure who may not be the best choice to lead our country – just as Hillary Clinton wasn’t in 2008.

But now that we know a great deal more about Barack Obama, turnabout is going to be fair play. If you think your reaction to Sarah Palin is visceral and vitriolic on the basis of her hockey mom looks and accent, just wait until the American electorate reacts to the Obama administration. They will react on the basis of facts, deeds and actions. The angry response will not be emotional and irrational. It will be carefully planned and ruthlessly delivered. After enduring this terrorism of liberalism, the American people will rise up and deliver a world-class ass-kicking to the Democrats in 2010 and 2012.

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