Gary Hubbell: Redneck Tree Hugger |

Gary Hubbell: Redneck Tree Hugger

Gary Hubbell
Aspen Times Weekly
Aspen, CO Colorado

Out here in the West, we do a lot of horse trading. As more and more suburbanites move into ranch country, they buy horses and stick ’em in the backyard. It’s a popular pastime amongst new horse owners to make excuses for the horses they own.

“Poor Smokey was abused,” goes the lament. “He’s scared of any man in a cowboy hat. That’s why he rears up.”

“Fancy doesn’t want to load in the trailer,” goes another popular excuse. “She was beaten.”

“The reason Buckeye won’t stand tied to a hitching rail is because he was once stung by a bee while he was tied up.”

On and on and on, the excuses for poor behavior are as many as the horses.

Well, we have a rule in Colorado: no excuses. You own the horse. You’ve got about a month to figure him out and take out all the trash, and after that, all the obnoxious behavior and bad habits belong to you. Either you train that horse, or you find him a new ZIP code.

So, let’s see – Barack Obama was elected in early November 2008; he’s been in office for about a year and a half, and we’re still blaming George Bush for everything that’s wrong with this country.

The Gulf oil spill? Well, of course, that’s George Bush’s fault because the bureaucrats at the Minerals Management Service were cozy with Bush’s favorite oil companies. It doesn’t matter that Obama appointed a career government lawyer with no energy-industry experience to head the MMS. It doesn’t matter that Obama took almost two months to make a call to the CEO of BP to try to figure out a solution to this mess – this is all Bush’s fault, right?

Casualties are rising in Afghanistan, and there’s real worry that this may not be a winnable war – a war started by Bush. No matter that Obama dilly-dallied for six months before responding to McChrystal’s request for more troops, and then hamstrung them with silly and dangerous rules of engagement. It’s clearly Bush’s fault if we lose in Afghanistan. Right?

Unemployment is stagnating at close to 10 percent, and that has to be Bush’s fault, because he’s the one that let the financial industry rape the public with all their credit default swaps that caused this massive financial meltdown. No matter that Goldman Sachs contributed just shy of a million dollars to the Obama election campaign. I thought Obama’s $797 billion stimulus plan was guaranteed to keep unemployment no higher than 8 percent – but regardless, high unemployment is Bush’s fault.

And the deficit! George Bush walked into office with a balanced budget! Eight years later, we were $4 trillion in debt! How can you Republicans defend that? If Bush can ring up $4 trillion in eight years, then it must be okay for Obama to hit the national ATM for another $9 trillion in just a year and a half, right? Repeat after me: the $13 trillion deficit is not Obama’s fault.

Never mind Obama’s “world-wide apology tour” – flying back to Chicago on Memorial Day instead of laying a wreath at Arlington; sending a bust of Winston Churchill back to England and dissing the prime minister; declaring that America is “no longer a Christian nation” and subsequently hosting 50,000 Muslims on Capitol Hill for a Muslim prayer day; and now, insult of all insults, attempting to bypass Congressional legislation on immigration reform by granting blanket amnesty to up to 30 million illegal aliens with the stroke of a pen. I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been hearing from liberals urging me to give the guy another chance. The rationale goes something like, “He’s a good guy with all our best interests at heart, and he’s trying really hard, and there were, like, so many problems that he inherited from George Bush, so you’ve got to give him a break!”

There are other people who are convinced that Obama is driving America to its knees through a purposeful campaign of malfeasance and “never waste a crisis” Alinskyist “Rules for Radicals” tactics. The goal, they say, is to make us all so dependent on the government that we don’t dare resist, and power will be concentrated in the hands of an elite few.

I’m not so sure. Indeed, many of Obama’s policies are a desperate attempt to push through a radical agenda in the last few months of power, before he gets a royal ass-kicking in the upcoming Congressional elections. Cap-and-trade carbon taxes, presidential amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, massive tax hikes – he’s going for broke while he still has a Democrat majority.

I think he’s just incompetent. I think he has a tin ear, and has no empathy or understanding of the average American. He’s been steeped in this tea of liberalism for so long that his perspective is skewed beyond the bounds of rational thought. He’s in over his head as an executive, because he has no experience running anything, and he’s panicking. I’m also hearing from another group who voted for Obama. “This is not at all what I expected,” they say, and trust me, they’re not going back.

Well, America, you voted for him. A year and a half is plenty of time for a competent leader to put his stamp on things. It’s no longer Bush’s fault. Obama’s your horse, and you’ve got two and half more years to put up with him. Better get him some schooling before you give him a new ZIP code.

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