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Garth Christopher Gilner

The Aspen Times
Aspen, CO, Colorado

Aspen native Garth Gilner passed away in his sleep Dec. 24 at his home in Pueblo West, Colo.

Garth, 46, attended Aspen High School (’84) and graduated from the University of Hawaii (’92), with a major in international Asian studies. He spent many years living in Japan and Korea and was fluent in Japanese.

An accomplished hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman, Garth was also a skilled craftsman, glass blower and exceptional chef. Garth was a 4th degree Master level instructor in the martial art Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, and was deeply immersed in Native American cultures and beliefs. Garth will always be remembered for his energetic personality, dynamic storytelling and zest for life. A colorful memorial and celebration of his life will be held at his sister’s house in Marble, Colo. on Dec. 31 starting at noon and will continue through New Year’s Day, Garth’s birthday.

Garth is survived by his wife and soulmate Gretchen Holschuh; his faithful dog Spurr; father Bill Gilner; mother Marcia Gilner; brother Blake Gilner and his children, Salea and Sebastian; sister Tiffany; Bruce and Baylee Burton, and an amazing group of loving friends.


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