Garfield County playing with fire |

Garfield County playing with fire

Dear Editor:

I am writing to demand answers from the Garfield County commissioners for this question: Where are your common sense and brains?

How could you issue a permit for the sale of fireworks at the tent along Highway 82, just northwest of Cattle Creek Road (any other places?) during a year with epic, extreme high fire danger? Is this your philosophy of what is called “pro-business,” regardless of the consequences?

Your brainless decision puts innocent lives, especially firefighters, our properties, communities and ecosystem at unnecessary high risk. If the sale and subsequent use of these fireworks causes fires, are you liable for the loss of lives, properties and the cost of fighting the fires, or will you have the taxpayer shoulder them?

In the news, the terrorists want to target our country by taking advantage of these extremely dry and volatile conditions, and we do not need you to help them out by issuing this special permit to sell fireworks. By the way, did you ever consult with the local fire district about granting this permit under the current extreme fire -danger conditions?

It is not too late to immediately suspend this permit, so, you and all of us can sleep a little better at night.

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Charlie Jacobson


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