Garbage with a new look |

Garbage with a new look

Dear Editor:

I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed with the quality of your publication. One article, in particular, irks me to the bone. Why you would choose to run an article (front page, no less) on Ryerson and his new career is most disturbing. Need I remind you that your paper’s “character assassination campaign” has already struck the knife to the bone. You were able to prompt the early end of a career by prematurely jumping at the opportunity to expose juicy misconduct allegations.

Well, it turns out you got it wrong. Digging for gold and you couldn’t even come up with any dirt! Shame on you! Had you allowed the closed investigation to run it’s course and then reported on the findings, you would have been able to write that Ryerson did nothing even noteworthy enough to require suspension, let alone removal from his post!

So, I’ll reference your competitor and praise them for their motto “If you don’t want it printed, don’t let it happen.” Maybe the Times should adopt the saying: “Don’t let it happen, and we’ll print it anyway!”

And now this, a front page article nosing into his future? Leave the poor guy alone and let him get on with his life! Ryerson is a long-time local and upstanding, caring member of our community. He did a very dignified thing in resigning his position, something he was neither asked nor required to do. It seems clear that his intention was to help the police department avoid any further setbacks associated with the papers misguided attacks, perhaps saving himself from further humiliation along the way.

As for your recent focus on changes with your paper, maybe it is the content and not the “look” that needs to be addressed?

P.S.: If not for the national-level quality of your sports team and their coverage of local sports, I might stop reading your publication altogether!

Clayton Dahlman


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