Gaffigan commands $60K for two performances at Wheeler |

Gaffigan commands $60K for two performances at Wheeler

Stand-up comedian will appear for two sold-out shows Feb. 19

Jim Gaffigan will perform two soldout shows at Aspen’s Wheeler Opera House on Feb. 19.
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan will get paid just shy of $70,000 when he appears for two sold-out performances at the Wheeler Opera House later this month.

Aspen City Council on Tuesday approved the contract between the city and Chimichanga Productions Inc., representing Gaffigan.

Council had to approve the contract because the city’s procurement process requires council approval of all contracts with a value of $50,000 or higher, according to Lisa Rigsby Peterson, executive director of Wheeler Opera House.

The value of the contract for the services of Gaffigan, who will appear at the Wheeler on Feb. 19, is $66,850.

The contractual fee for Gaffigan’s two performances totals $60,000. There are additional travel buyout costs of $2,500, a lodging buyout of $3,100, a $1,000 fee for the opening comedian and two per diems totaling $250, according to Rigsby Peterson.

Anticipated ticket sales for the two performances total $70,128 and are expected to fully offset the cost of the two performances, she added.