Gabriel Foundation needs support |

Gabriel Foundation needs support

Julie Weiss Murad
Executive director
founder and president
The Gabriel Foundation

All of us at The Gabriel Foundation are requesting the help of our friends and neighbors to please contact Eagle County prior to a Jan. 22 Planning and Zoning hearing at Basalt Town Hall. Whether by e-mail, fax or the USPS ” please lend us your support.

We would be so very grateful if the following information could be featured in an upcoming issue of The Aspen Times Daily and the Weekly. One of our supporters accidentally provided an incorrect e-mail address for us in her letter to The Aspen Times. You can find us online at

As you may know, The Gabriel Foundation aviary has been located in Eagle County for 4.5 years. We recently have been asked to file a special use permit for the building and our parrots. To assist us tremendously in this project, your local support via letters, e-mail and/or faxes can help us succeed. We are scheduled to appear before the Roaring Fork Valley Planning Commission at the Basalt Town Hall on Jan. 22, time TBA, for an Eagle County special use permit, and an outpouring of public support is needed.

If you believe that The Gabriel Foundation should remain a presence in the Roaring Fork Valley, please contact the newspapers, your friends and family, indicating support for us by contacting Eagle County as indicated below!

The Planning Department staff is greatly influenced by the comments of neighborhood residents, and as such, we implore you to speak out or write on our behalf. We need hundreds of letters, e-mails and faxes from our friends and neighbors that state that we are wanted in this valley and are a valuable asset to the community.

Please, emphasize these points in your communication to Eagle County:

1. The Gabriel Foundation aviary is a unique asset to the neighborhood. We would like to keep it here.

2. We have experienced no problems from its use.

3. This area has a diverse mix of home sizes and styles now. Several small farms and small acreages with all kinds of animals characterize this neighborhood. That mix makes it a great place to live. Approving this permit should strengthen that character.

4. By issuing a permit, this use can be enhanced.

5. This property is exceptionally well-landscaped and beautifully maintained.

6. The rural nature of this area will be improved by the aviary and its parrots.

7. The unique nature of the aviary, the parrots and the flight cages add to the diversity of the community and the neighborhood.

8. The rural nature of this community is enhanced by the various sounds of nature and the parrots themselves. The noise level when the birds are outdoors, (at maximum in the summer, between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily), weather permitting, is no louder than the surrounding noises of neighboring farm animals, road traffic, farm equipment, horse trucks and trailers, motorcycles and delivery or waste trucks.

Send your letters of support to: Roaring Fork Valley Planning Commission, C/O Eagle County Community Development, P.O. Box 179, Eagle, CO 81631; facsimile: 970-328-7185; e-mail:; RE: Murad/Eagle County Special Use Permit.

Please CC: Knight Planning Services Inc., Terrill Knight, P.O. Box 947, Eagle, CO 81631-6254; facsimile: 970-328-6254; e-mail:, RE: Murad.

AND also, please CC: The Gabriel Foundation, RE: Murad, P.O. Box 1660 (Or drop your letter in person to us at 1599 Hwy. 133) Carbondale, CO 81623; facsimile: 963-2218; e-mail:

Thank you so much for helping us during this difficult and trying time.


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