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Fuzzy math at Burlingame

Dear Editor:

I was doing some figuring after the Burlingame disaster ($73 million dollars, 6 times over budget) and tried to relate this “deal” with the city’s recent lumberyard purchase. Now, keep in mind, I am only assuming what can only be assumed to be the facts in the computations for the parts that made up the overages part of the Burlingame, i.e, Burlingate, “deal.” Keep in mind, this is not exactly how the Burlingame project was accounted for ” that info is really difficult to understand ” but, so far as I can tell, this is very close to the same logic.

Now start with $18 million for the purchase price for the lumberyard. You have to add to this the estimated CPI figures from the county and state, not forgetting to include the PSI figures obtained through the Department of Statistical Analysis, State of Colorado. Then, you have to multiply this by the county factor for GPA and PSA factors, which are divisible by a percentage of the average price of concrete and asphalt as per the Statements on Standards for hard things, the HD index, and add to that the atomic weight factor for both H2O and R2D2, added to the average slush percentage obtained from the book of averages. When you multiply all this by the minimum percentage for increases in public funding per the state average for ROI stuff, holy shit! We are looking at a potential and historical billion-dollar public housing project! Trust this.

Mike Marolt