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Fur not so fabulous

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Perhaps Aspen shoppers wouldn’t think real fur is so “fabulous” if they educated themselves about what happens to the animals raised and killed for their pelts (“Fur Is Flying – Off the Racks,” Feb. 5). Much of the fur now sold in the United States originates in China, where there is not a single law to protect animals. Undercover investigators filmed fur farmers in China grabbing animals by their hind legs and slamming them against the ground, or beating them with metal rods. Often, these methods only break the animals’ necks or backs, and they are still conscious as the fur is ripped from their bodies. Some of the animals killed for their fur in China are domestic cats and dogs. Every year, millions of cats and dogs – some still wearing their collars – are bludgeoned, hanged, or strangled with wire nooses for their fur. Our choices matter. If you buy or wear real fur, you must share the blame for the suffering of these animals. The solution is simple: Choose animal-friendly fashions instead. We may not be able to do everything to stop animal suffering, but together we can stop this. To find out other ways you can make a difference, visit FurIsDead.com.Paula MoorePeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)Norfolk, Va.