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Fur is cruelty

Dear Editor:

At one time the wearing of animal skins was necessary for our survival, but that was phased out with the invention of weaving plant fibers into cloth. The wearing of animal skins simply means you are making a “fashion” statement. It began in the 18th and 19th centuries when beavers were almost made extinct so that people could wear a nice hat, and we all know what happened to the buffalo.

Although some trapping still is done, the fur industry today has degenerated into one of raising animals in cages for their fur. The animals are killed, skinned, then the bodies thrown away. The hats and coats made from those skins are so someone can “look good.” People who raise these animals are despicable, but people who continue to trap are not much better because of the indiscriminate nature of their traps.

The people involved in this industry are not only cruel, they are barbaric, and the people who wear these furs are condoning the animal cruelty from which it comes.

William Wilson

Jeffersonville, Ind.

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