Funkyville, USA |

Funkyville, USA

Dear Editor:This is truly one funky town!I happen to love it, having been coming here for many years and being a second home owner since 2000. I have a few observations I would like to share:I find it strange that there was such an uproar over the Resnicks’ very generous offer to the Aspen Institute. It had to be very embarrassing to them, particularly since they did not request renaming of the auditorium. Then to see where someone plastered their name over “ASPEN” on the sign near the airport was, to me, disappointing at the least.Being a second home owner, and not being able to vote locally is a reality. But, another reality is the fact that my tax dollars support a wonderful public school system, and a city and county government that, largely, are doing a good job in running this contentious community. Why, then, are folks so quick to take pot shots at “second home owners?”Then, there is the matter of the “S-Curves.” One has only to sit in traffic on Main Street in the late afternoon, sucking up fumes, to wonder why a straight shot of two lanes in and two lanes out doesn’t make sense to folks who can vote. The easing of traffic would cut the pollution and ease the burden of folks who live downvalley but work in Aspen. I don’t think it would materially change the nature of our town, except for the better.I agree with whomever was drawing the comparison of our “roundabout” with that in Basalt. Theirs is pretty and inviting while ours is a tangle of weeds. Plus, as you approach it from town, there is a large bush of some sort that blocks the view of oncoming traffic in the circle. It should be replaced or removed. A well-kept circle of flowers and greenery would add a lot to the entrance to Aspen.Someone calling the Aspen Ideas’ Festival, a “Bad Ideas Festival,” editorially, just blew me away. Having over 200 of some of the best minds in this country come to Aspen for seven or eight days is an achievement nearly any city in the country would love to have. I understand that years ago the Aspen Institute considered leaving this community. I think we should all be grateful that it did not. It adds a richness to the culture here that many if not most of us truly love. Add to that the wonderful Aspen Music Festival and School, the Food and Wine Festival, The Aspen/Santa Fe Ballet, the Aspen Center for Integral Health and world class skiing and boarding and you have a “town” like none other in the world.I love Aspen!David GrimesAspen

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