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Fundraising Bliss

Dear Editor:

We could write a book, “Tales of the Sheer Bliss Chairlift,” from the stories we heard from people who bought ski lift chairs to help the Playground Fundraiser for Carbondale Community School.

We hope they enjoy their memories and a piece of history and we sincerely thank them for their support. Some chairs went as far as Vermont and California. The Sheer Bliss double-chairlift provided 30-plus years of enjoyment; sort of a local’s secret to some really fine skiing.

We also want to thank the many volunteers (with sore backs) and a huge thank you to the Aspen Skiing Co. for offering this opportunity to CCS.

And why are they called “Romance Chairs?” Ever try to get a date on a quad … ha … (did anyone meet their spouse on this lift?)

There are a few chairs left ($200 each or two for $300) and some without board seats for $50 off (hey, buy two without board seats and that would be two chairs for $200. Wow, what a deal). Contact Denise at 274-3777 for more information.

The Playground Fundraiser Team, CCS

Fiona O’Donnell Pax

Denise Bruder


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