Fundraiser thanks |

Fundraiser thanks

Dear Editor:

On behalf of YouthZone, we would like to thank Grateful Deli, Radio and Explore Booksellers for being our very first donors to the annual fundraiser Kiss ‘n’ Squeal.

We set out on our first day of fundraising with a lovely pink pig suit and our fundraising materials: raffle tickets and a piggy bank. The valleywide competition is to see who can get the most money, or “votes.” Every dollar counts as a vote, and because we are the Aspen campaigners for the event, if we get the most “votes” then we are granted the honor of kissing the beautiful, live pig.

This is the 20th year YouthZone has been doing this fundraiser, and this year’s goal is to raise $200,000 total. YouthZone has been helping youth and families for 35 years from Aspen to Parachute. If you’d like to donate to Kiss ‘n Squeal, you can go to to bid on our donors’ items; find us walking around town or just learn more about YouthZone.

Ben Belinski and Zane Heald

Snowmass Village

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