Fun is back in Wintersköl |

Fun is back in Wintersköl

The Wintersköl celebration paraded through Aspen last weekend, as tradition has dictated for the past 53 years.

Most locals are familiar with the rituals of this toast to winter: the parade itself, the canine fashion show, and various uphill and downhill races on the slopes.

“Ho hum,” you say. “So what else is new?”

It’s no secret that not so long ago, Wintersköl started landing in Aspen with a hollow thud. But this year, and for the past couple of years, we can say with aplomb, LOTS is new.

The Aspen Times would like to raise a glass and toast the people at Aspen Chamber Resort Association, Ink! and the various other sponsors, and the others responsible for making this year’s Wintersköl something to look forward to. We’re appreciative that the Anderson Ranch Arts Center continues to put on the Wintersculpt competition that transforms the mall into a snowy canvas for local artisans.

We’re happy that the Aspen Art Museum welcomed the community by offering complimentary admission on Friday, kicking off the weekend with Thursday night’s Art After Hours opening. Highlands Village jumped in on the action for the second Wintersköl in a row, putting together a Friday full of wacky events.

One brilliant guy at Boogie’s diner came up with “Soup-Sköl,” a soup cook-off between local restaurants with locals as tasters and testers for free. We hope that this event is back again and again, since nothing promotes this town’s solidarity like free food and good music from a local band.

We ate more at “A Taste of Wintersköl” on Saturday, thanks to local restaurants and the Colorado Restaurant Association. Bands played on the Cooper Avenue mall on Saturday afternoon, and the fireworks was a two-fer show, with an impressive showing from the guys at the Smuggler Mine following the always beautiful display on Aspen Mountain.

Wintersköl 2004 was pretty “Un4gettable,” it turns out. Hopefully all of the new traditions will be considered old traditions as the years go by. Because this is the sort of celebration we think our town is worthy of.


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