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Full disclosure, please

Dear Editor:In view of my receiving no response to my Monday e-mail to Carolyn “the Sack,” The Aspen Times reporter on her kangaroo court trial of Toni Kronberg, let’s see if you’re brave enough to print my following nonresponded-to e-mail to Carolyn, especially in view of Toni’s letter to the editor today about Carolyn’s stalking. Do reporters get taught ethics at journalism schools these days?Carolyn,Am troubled by your scapegoating of Toni Kronberg in today’s Aspen Times front page article, where you raise what Toni’s legal address is, from hearsay of neighbors, before the coming City Council runoff.If address was an issue, why didn’t you raise it before the general election? Who has the second agenda here?And, as a medicolegal expert who’s testified in hundreds of trials and depositions, even if the “jury” is instructed by the judge at this point … or the “public” who read your article, to “disregard” what is said as hearsay and muckraking, your damage has already been done.Was address an issue when Hillary Clinton, Patrick Monyahan or Bobby Kennedy ran for senator in New York?Since the time our daughters, now ages 27, 30 and 32, received their swimming lessons from Toni at the Aspen Club, like, 25 years ago, I have continuously witnessed Toni’s conscientious involvement in Aspen issues for decades at City Council meetings. She has given her time to the community wholeheartedly.I really question the “conflict of interest” of many of those quoted in your article. Let each of them list for whom they voted in the election … and, plan to vote for in the runoff. There can be second agendas. In medical articles nowadays (and I’ve worked for the FDA and in university academics authoring and editing hundreds of articles) we need to state whether there is a “conflict of interest” with a signed standard statement submitted online with the article. To satisfy COI, you need to do a “disclosure,” which I’m doing here, because I feel that Toni’s good intentions are being maligned, likely as a second agenda.Hoping that more reporters read “Miss Manners”!Tom KurtAspen

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