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Fuel for a feud

Dear Editor:

I’m not sure what your response to my letter is all about, but I sense that you weren’t thrilled with my comments. Don’t take any offense. I was just trying to be funny. Since Aspen has become a town where so many enjoy continually outdoing one another in very public ways, I thought it would be humorous to poke a little fun at that by showing how absurd that game can appear. I was hoping that my letter would subtly point out just how damn ridiculous the bragging has gotten around here. As in many instances previous, maybe I was too subtle.

Anyway, I actually did get the real point of your column, and, as usual, I appreciate it.

However, just to add a little fuel for a feud, as to your recollection that your family sold their ranch to my family, that’s pure manure. I looked it up in a research project of the Holden-Marolt site by Lysa Wegman-French. The chain of title on the land that could have made me immeasurably wealthy goes like this: My grandfather Bill, along with great uncles Steve and Frank Jr. bought the ranch from Albert E. Carleton in 1927. Carleton bought it from the Midland Railroad Company in 1917, and he became president of the railroad then, too. The Midland Railroad had purchased the properties from James Hagerman in 1888. Before that, the property was owned by J. B. Wheeler, whom I believe stole it from the Indians or the Clappers, I can’t be sure.

I think someone was feeding you baloney around the campfire. I still believe that I could have been richer than you could have been. If I had any money, I’d bet you on it!

Roger Marolt


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