Fryingpan going up, up, up |

Fryingpan going up, up, up

Aspen Times Staff

Water releases from Ruedi Reservoir into the Fryingpan River were scheduled to start going up Monday afternoon because the reservoir was near peak capacity, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Releases were expected to rise by 50 cubic feet per second in the late afternoon. The increase combined with the previous flow and water from Rocky Fork, just below the dam, was expected to boost the Fryingpan River’s total flow to 215 cfs Monday night, the bureau said.

The release from the dam was supposed to increase by another 50 cfs early Tuesday, creating a flow of 265 cfs in the river.

“Right now, runoff down the Fryingpan into Ruedi is running around 520 cfs,” said bureau spokeswoman Kara Lamb. “That is raising the reservoir water level a half a foot, or so, a day. This is great for storing water in the reservoir.”

Lamb previously said the Fryingpan’s flow could increase to around 450 cfs if warm weather continued. The bureau wanted to warn anglers because the high water affects their ability to fish the Pan.