Frustrated job seeker |

Frustrated job seeker

Due to the most unfortunate of circumstances, recently I have found myself on the job hunt this off-season, and something happened to make me question who to bring this complaint to. I’m also writing this letter to warn anyone else who might be looking for a job what happened to me.

A “Help Wanted” ad in The Aspen Times and Glenwood Post Independent posted by the Isis Theater requested applications for concessions and management candidates. If this letter is published before the end of the month of April, you’ll probably still find it listed there.

First of all, to those of you who might also be seeking employment, don’t even bother going in there. Present management has told me that the positions have been filled.

I brought the matter of an ad being run for positions that were no longer available to the attention of the current Isis manager. In doing so, I was treated with a very disrespectful attitude and was told that they were still running the ad solely because they’d paid for a full month of running it and would not have been entitled to a refund had they chosen to stop running it.

Let me first address this matter directly to the Isis, its manager and the company who runs the theater. In my not-too-humble opinion, to have run this ad after the positions were filled shows a marked lack of professionalism.

Realizing that I am addressing human beings personally and not a corporate monster that could care less whether the movie house had enough employees to make it through the summer season, I can understand that mistakes are made, and I forgive that.

However, when it’s brought to your attention that you are running an ad requiring applications in person for positions that do not exist, you are opening yourself up to all kinds of angry potential applicants, and worse, potential customers.

Having spent 10 years in the customer service industry, I can personally vouch for the proven fact that one pissed-off customer tells another potential customer and another and another. Then those customers tell other potential customers about the experience told to them by the first customer, and so on.

The Isis is not the only movie theater in the valley, and the eventual decline in your ticket sales can eventually kill the business. For proof, all you have to do is consult the previous Isis Theater management company. The loss you would have taken for dropping an ad before it had gotten its money’s worth is infinitesimal compared to the potential for loss of business you could suffer for continuing to run it.

That having been said, I would like to apologize to the employee I approached first in an angry huff about this situation. Although this is a problem for me, it certainly is not your problem and I wish you well there.

Nathan C. Pedersen


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