Frustrated by the car wash |

Frustrated by the car wash

Dear Editor:

The AABC car wash really does take the cake! While I prefer to dwell on the more positive aspects of our beautiful valley, one can’t help but feel “highway robbery” and disgust at the continual disrepair of the bays at the car wash next to the Conoco station across from the Aspen airport.

It certainly doesn’t make sense to be forced to drive downvalley to get a decent car wash where, at the Basalt General Store gas station and the bays near the elementary school, the equipment does a fair job; and at the Willits General Store, after recognizing the disrepair of their car wash, they have installed an excellent system, where the car is presoaped and brushed by an attendant and the undercarriage of the car is washed in the drive through for a reasonable price of $7.

On Monday of this week, both middle bays at the AABC wash were out of order, as well as both vacuums, and the only remaining self-spray bay on the far right had several cars lined up, only to realize once you reached the “next-in-line” position that ONLY the “rinse” cycle worked. There wasn’t even soap! Granted, your car will very quickly be splashed and dirty again in a short period of time with the spring runoff, but it’s pathetic to pay a minimal fee of $3.50 for water only, knowing the broken bays have existed week after week after month after year at this car wash always being in a state of disrepair!

To add insult to injury, after the long wait of having the privilege to spray my car with water only, I very much was in need of the restroom facility at the Conoco, and that was also OUT OF ORDER!

The drive-through at the AABC appeared to be working on Monday with cars lined up, though it too was completely shut down a couple of weeks ago when I was picking up guests at the airport and could no longer digest the dirtiness of my vehicle. The least expensive wash is a “blue” at $8 IF you purchase gas (which we all know is consistently MUCH higher than downvalley as well), and doesn’t even include the undercarriage!

WHY is it that Basalt and other towns farther downvalley can respect the customers enough to repair broken equipment and offer a better service than the town of Aspen? The owners at the AABC car wash should be ASHAMED, and the public outcry should demand a working car wash at least the majority of the time, rather than the other way around! Happy spring!

Susan Capiel/Collin


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