Frontier justice for HST? |

Frontier justice for HST?

Dear Editor:After reading your editorial (Aspen Times, June 17) and Dr. Ayers’ response, I felt compelled to bring out an even larger and more important issue involving the “investigation” into the death of our beloved friend and neighbor. Typical of anything involving the doc, there are questions. Why was a drug screen not conducted? In order to determine if there were any “other” drugs, injections or any questionable circumstances involved which might not be natural to HST’s normal imbibing/quaffing habits, it probably should have been done. No one was in denial about his state of being. In other words, why would the local coroner and sheriff, both very professional and accomplished people, decide together amongst themselves – (and why would an on-the-ball detective agree to this) – not to do a screen and thereby eliminate the possibility of finding out as much further information as they can involving a death in this county? It’s only justice. Granted, it was a very dear personal friend that they wanted to protect from the media frenzy, but I would think that they especially owed it to their friend to find out all that they could about the circumstances surrounding the death and not just assume that what obviously looked like a suicide really was indeed a suicide. I live in Woody Creek and know that in a lot of circumstances, someone can easily come up to a house unannounced and virtually undetected and leave quickly and quietly, too. There is wilderness to consider. We all know better than to always believe what seems like the obvious. Maybe Hunter did not successfully accomplish this deed without some “help” – maybe it just looked very well like he accomplished it all by himself. To me, there will always be a doubt. Maybe I am just trying to fabricate an entirely different ending to a very sad story that none of us wants to accept, but everyone who knows him knows that he has talked about doing this for years and studied others who have done it, teasing out the scenario; so what a perfect way to eliminate someone who might have been a threat. Would he actually choose to do this with his family in the home or his wife on the phone? Sounds even a little too kinky for the good Gonz. I read that he might have been most knowledgeable of and involved in some very controversial information involving pornography that included some popular political/famous people and that might not be something someone wanted exposed? Sounds farfetched and very much an imaginative conspiracy theory, but it also could be a very real version of what occurred that snowy day on Owl Farm. The only way we would ever know is with a thorough drug screen and not a protective screen.Since it’s too late to go back and do it again, let’s just hope that in the future the coroner and the sheriff together will do everything they can in any investigation, regardless of the media involvement or any other “interference” that they may fear. Maureen Higgins MarkovAspen