From the ‘real’ princess

Attention, Ms. Self-Declared Princess [Aspen Times columnist]:

I’ve heard your type of whining before. It may stem from unhappiness within your own life and feelings of inferiority, which causes you not to fit in.

However, people from all over the world have joined together to form the gregarious Caribou Club, and there is not an ounce of snobbism here. We pride ourselves on taking care of our cherished members who do not dress in shorts (our ONLY dress code) nor blazers and khakis.

Mr. Ducati, as you call him, is named Mr. Tremendous and is known throughout the world as Mr. Tremendous for a reason … he is tremendous! Can you say the same?

You do not “run” the local media. You are not “running” City Council nor have you made a name for yourself here in our lovely town. More importantly, you cannot even call yourself a local, yet.

Baby, like it or not, the Caribou Club is the past, present and future of this town, something you won’t be around to see. But call the “real” princess and I can give you an update of how well our membership sales are doing.

Janine Troutman

The Caribou Club Princess