From the new mayor: an ethics pledge |

From the new mayor: an ethics pledge

Dear Editor:

My announced intention to adhere to the spirit and intent of the Colorado ethics amendment as adopted by the vot­ers last fall is not, and was not intended as, a criticism of Helen Klanderud or anyone else.

My personal belief is that persons in a position of trust should avoid any appear­ance of conflict or bias whenever possi­ble. As a journalist years ago, I declined to accept free season ski passes and other perquisites beyond those necessary to do my job. This policy was intended to engender confidence in the public that I was reporting fairly on the activities of the corporations that ran the mountain on which I skied and about which I reported. As a county commissioner, I also took care not to create an appearance of bias by adhering to the policy of not accept­ing things of value in connection with my work.

One can easily attend opening cere­monies or make appearances without tak­ing a week-long or season-long pass. I can, and will, volunteer for events and make as many appearances as time allows and represent my community without creating conflicts or the appear­ance of conflict.

Helen Klanderud has filled her ambas­sadorial role ably, and I have no knowl­edge of or desire to compare her personal policies on this issue with mine. I am simply doing what I have done in the past with regard to “freebies” associated with my public service.

Mick Ireland


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