From the home office in Aspen, Colo. … |

From the home office in Aspen, Colo. …

Dear Editor:The top 10 reasons why our city government thought the “Klanderization” of Rio Grande Trail was a good idea:10. At Community Development University they teach us that if a little is good, more is better.9. “Trail” is too quaint for Aspen – “Rio Grande Road” sounds better.8. Needed a place to put all the “straightness” we took out of Cemetery Lane.7. Wanted to show our Texas visitors that not everything is bigger in Texas.6. Extra lanes necessary so they can be sold at free market prices to subsidize the “revitalization” of the rest of the trail.5. Wanted to practice building a straight shot entrance to town.4. Narrow trail was too intimate – need more width to make sure “Aspen the Resort” doesn’t mingle with “Aspen the Community.”3. Need an alternate runway to use while Pitkin County Airport is resurfaced next year.2. Bird flu is coming – we need separate lanes for bikers, walkers, dogs, runners and skiers to reduce risk of contagion.1. Caterpillar was having a sale on 20-foot graders.Walt MaddenAspen

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