From the archives: summer flower show |

From the archives: summer flower show

Courtesy Aspen Historical Society
An entry in a past flower show, circa 1950, held at the Armory Hall (City Hall).
Aspen Historical Society, Berko Collection

“Aspen anticipates 16th annual flower show,” announced the Aspen Times on July 10, 1952.

“Already wise Aspen gardeners are beginning to survey their flowers and plan which varieties they will enter in the sixteenth annual P.E.O. Flower Show, which will be held August 23 and 24 at the Amphitheater. The committee in charge of the display and arrangement of the prize blooms is mapping out new ideas to make the show more interesting, both for Aspenites who enter their choice flowers and for the hundreds of visitors who come to see the display. Everybody loves the Aspen Flower Show. It was a significant event on all local calendars back through the years, when it was held annually at the Armory. And now that the spacious Amphitheater is devoted to the show it can grow in size and variety and outdo its own past records for magnificence. Something about Aspen’s climate — the bright sun and cool nights, perhaps — helps to develop unusually beautiful flowers. Though the growing season is short here, many varieties of flowers thrive mightily. Probably the single flower for which Aspen is most famed is the sweet pea; here these bright blossoms cluster four on a stalk, and the vines climb six to ten feet tall. About the time of the Flower Show each year, residents and visitors begin to frequent leisurely drives around town to admire the many lovely gardens. East Aspenites — for many years the champs on flower-tending — are having some competition from South and West-enders. Now you have to motor over the whole town to be sure you have seen all the flowers.”

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