From the archives: Power on in Aspen, circa 1908

Staff report
The Hunter Creek power house with Smuggler Mountain in the background, circa 1900. The building is currently the home of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. Courtesy Aspen Historical Society, Shaw Collection.
Aspen Historical Society, Shaw Collection

“Hunter Creek Power House was closed yesterday,” announced the Aspen Daily Times on Aug. 16, 1908. “The Roaring Fork Electric Light and Power Company closed its Hunter Creek power house yesterday and transferred its power plant to the Castle Creek station, where new machinery has been installed and thoroughly maintained in every particular. While the Hunter Creek power house has been abandoned, the machinery is still there ready for instant use should necessity arise. One large machine has been added to the Castle Creek power house and it is equipped to furnish light and power to a much larger city than Aspen. Aspen can justly claim it has the best and cheapest lights of any town or city in the country. It has been a long time since this little city has been without lights even for a few minutes on account of any breakdowns or neglects. Mr. Doolittle is an expert in his line and keeps everything in such perfect running order it is not possible to have any complaint about either the service or the charges.”