From no leash to short leash in short order |

From no leash to short leash in short order

Janet Urquhart/Aspen Times WeeklyKali, left, and Teewinot show off the Quick Draw Leash.

Like most households that include dogs within their ranks, ours seeks out excursions where the canine contingent can run like the wind, or at least run like dogs who’ve been spending too much time napping on the kitchen floor, quietly energizing for the next frenzied romp through the outdoors.

Since their humans have neither the speed nor the endurance to join them in these joyful, mad dashes between points of interest, we try to keep them in sight, leashes at the ready, in case we need to rope them in.

Retrieving leashes from a day pack and getting them attached to the dogs in a hurry was always a bit of a challenge, though, so we acquired a couple of short leashes that the dogs wear around their necks like a second collar.

These straps attach to the collar with a clip, like a regular leash, then wrap once around the dog’s neck. The free end of the strap attaches with Velcro.

Call back the dog, and it’s a quick maneuver to undo the Velcro tab and have the pooch on a short leash ” about two feet ” until the encounter with the fashion-accessory “purse dog” that might be mistaken for a squirrel or any other potential embarrassment/danger has passed. Then it’s a simple matter to wrap the leash back around the dog’s neck and let it resume its quest to sniff out, and possibly roll in, the most disgusting things it can find.

Oh yeah, the leashes are washable.

They’re made by Ruffwear (for dogs on the go) and called the Quick Draw Leash.

They’re adjustable from 13 to 22 inches to fit a dog’s collar size, and extend from 19 to 28 inches, depending on the neck-size adjustment.

We purchased a pair of them at REI, but they’re also available at for $11.95.

On short jaunts, we don’t even bring the regular, full-length leashes anymore, and the dogs quickly learned to start bouncing off the walls at the mere sight of the Quick Draws.

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