From Laisamis to South Africa |

From Laisamis to South Africa

Dear Editor:Two events out of Africa that have some local interest have been flowing around the Internet.First is Joseph Lekuton, who some will remember had a packed book signing at the Mountain Chalet two years ago this coming Thanksgiving. His book was “Facing the Lion” published by National Geographic Press. He is now a recently elected member of the Kenyan Parliament representing his people in a district that goes from Laisamis to Loiyangalani (where a lot of scenes were filmed in “The Constant Gardener”) on Lake Turkana in the Northern Frontier District. I know many Aspenites wish him luck.The government of South Africa, with President Mbeki in the lead, has underwritten a project to build a large library in Timbuktu to house the thousands of manuscripts dating from the 12th century that state once and for all that Africa has had a written record for a very long time. This cooperation between South Africa and Mali is unprecedented on the continent. Librarians and others interested in history around the world will be thrilled at this development.Andy HansonAspen Highlands


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