From kitchens to bathrooms, European Stone has it covered |

From kitchens to bathrooms, European Stone has it covered

Donna Daniels

Gina O’Shaughnessy didn’t make a sale with one of her customers Friday – but the woman left European Stone and Bath with an armload of countertop and flooring samples to audition in her home.

That’s part of O’Shaughnessy’s job as manager of European Stone and Bath, 1328 Grand Ave., in Glenwood Springs.

European Stone opened in a spacious house fronting on Glenwood’s main thoroughfare four months ago.

What it offers is a few steps beyond stone and wood.

“We do surfaces,” O’Shaughnessy explained.

Stone for kitchen countertops, floors and bathrooms. Wood flooring. Carpeting. Fixtures for bathrooms. Lights.

Besides the materials themselves, the store also offers installation, even if that means rebuilding or shoring up wooden framework for a granite slab countertop. Or building a subfloor.

Ranged along the walls are the stone offerings, from dark speckled granite to lush marble, travertine, slate and fossil-laced limestone.

It is all natural stone from all over the country and as far away as Mexico, O’Shaughnessy said.

While the stone is pricey, starting at $70 a square foot, European Stone is now running a special on prefabricated granite countertops in four colors for $50 a square foot.

“That’s cheaper than Corian,” O’Shaughnessy said.

Bathroom fixtures include old fashioned claw-footed tubs and elaborate faucets like a chrome dolphin that graces the sink in one of the showrooms.

O’Shaughnessy’s job is to help people get a clear idea of what they want for their home decor. While some people come in with the type of stone counter, the color and pattern they want, most just have a vague idea, she said.

“They want something light or something dark. I give them samples to take home,” she said.

O’Shaughnessy also persuades people who have their hearts set on the wrong material for a room.

“A lot of people want marble on their kitchen counters. It’s too soft and stains easily,” she said. Spilling tomato sauce on a marble countertop would permanently alter the color from white to pink.

Marble is more suitable for bathrooms, she added.

With all the variety in stone types and even in one type of stone, O’Shaughnessy urges people to go directly to the stone yards to see for themselves the variety, and to choose the stone slabs that will work for them.

Although she’s now a pro at the business, O’Shaughnessy knew little about stone and wood flooring and fixtures before getting the job.

“I couldn’t have told you the difference between marble and granite when I started,” she said.

But as she dealt with customers and her work crew Friday afternoon, it was apparent she has all the aspects of the business well in hand.

She’s also made the retail area homey and welcoming. She and her husband, Steve Lopez, and their daughter Erika, 4, live upstairs.

Being in a house “fits the company. The customers are doing their house and they come to my house” to shop, she said. “It’s more like a family.”

“I want to make things really simple for everyone,” she said.

O’Shaughnessy, who grew up in Meeker, wants to offer affordable options for her products.

“They just need to come in and tell me what they want and I’ll take it from there,” she said.

For information about European Stone and Bath products, call 928-8446.