From immigration to drugs |

From immigration to drugs

Dear Editor:In response to Kim Vieira’s letter of July 10, I have a few comments.Kim, Kim, Kim. My attitude fans the flames of racial tension, fear and prejudice in our fair valley? Really? Name calling and hateful attitude? Who, me?Sweetheart, I’m sorry your sense of humor died last week. May I say though, your ignorance of drugs and violence is surpassed only by your self-righteous audacity to slander Bob Braudis. He’s the best peace office [officer?] Aspen’s had since Sheriff Kienast.Do you remember? Back in the early ’80s our government was spraying a poisonous herbicide on the wacky weeds called paraquat. Southern growers would still harvest and sell the tainted weed since one couldn’t tell if it was contaminated. Well, Kienast, who took the motto: “To protect and serve” seriously, offered to test pot samples for the citizens he served. Bravo, I say!Furthermore, Kim, I don’t hate anyone. Life is too short. This is not a racial issue, it’s a legal issue. I believe we should enforce our immigration laws. As for name calling, how would you describe the cowardly filth who fired into a store almost hitting an innocent woman and child?Lastly, the reason drugs cause violence is because they’re illegal. We still haven’t learned that you can’t legislate morality. Every drug law is just another price support for production and distribution. That’s why all those punks in gangs have lots of money to buy guns. Dumbasses insist on imprisoning sick people who need medical help. It’s people like you, Kim, who make the prison industry prosperous.If a person isn’t deterred from using drugs by the fact that he could lose his health, his job, his home, his family and ultimately his life, how can anyone think some inane counter-productive laws make a difference?Bruno KirchenwitzSilt

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